" I  MA+H  

mAth  mAde  eAsy !

"I  MA+H" helps kids and adults become successful in mathematics which is vital to achieve our full potential ! 
 As a teacher I experienced many students fustrated and unable to reach their goals due to poor math scores. "I  MA+H" is innovative, fine tune skills and promotes higher test grades !
Our mission is to : stimulate/exercise the mind, promote creativity/excitement, build self-esteem/knowledge and open the future to endless possibilities !
The I.Q. CARDS (info.quiz.) are unique, easy to follow, fun and fast to learn. They have colorful/eye catching/hip cool graphics which : attracts all age groups, grade levels k-12, helps educate the public and has customers returning to buy advanced I.Q. CARDS to add to their collection.
Every month a different I.Q. CARD will be available. They will sell like hot cakes, yet never get old or need to be thrown out !
Your customers will appreciate the convenience of buying "I  MA+H" in their neighborhood !
 Please help others learn math !
Sell "I  MA+H"  I.Q. CARDS @ your business today !
"teach and better the world"

1250 west ave #15-R
MB,FL 33139  
(305) 673 5437
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